About Us

Help Creating A Desired Future

Our mission at Change Agents, Inc. is to help people and organizations create a desired future.

We aim for the following future:

  • filled with people who can become who they truly want to be.
  • filled with organization that continues to provide positive values to society by enhancing the quality of its members' relationship and mutuality, and by enabling each member to contribute and grow.
  • societies are striving to enhance conditions in which everyone can pursue happiness, respect all life, and realize fairness.
  • filled with change agents who, in an ever-changing environment, are able to create visions of a desired future while telling the truth about current realities, and who continue to transform themselves to realize those visions.

We provide training, facilitation, consulting, and other services to create a desired future, using "systems thinking" approach that looks at the holistic view, the big picture, and the fundamentals, and "learning organization" approach that continually develops and enhances the awareness and capabilities of individuals and organizations.

Our guiding principles are: visioning, truth-telling, learning, networking, and caring.

Based on the worldview that our human activities are made up of living systems of people, society, and nature, we believe that everyone can grow by honing their innate potential with a spirit of compassion, and we support those who work to create a desired future.