Self Transformation

Service programs to nurture leaders and change agents

We provide seminars on change methodologies for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, educators, and professionals, and support nurturing change agents in organizations and societies.

Organizational Transformation

Service programs to nurture organizations

We organize training programs to nurture talents and enhance performances of leaders, managers and directors. We facilitate the process of organizational and strategic developments to enhance organizational performance, and provide consultations on corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and creating shared values (CSV) to improve social values as well as corporate value.

Societal Transformation

Projects contributing to societies

Our mission is to leave better economy, society and the natural environment to our future generations. In addition to building human capitals and high performance organizations, we, as a corporate citizen, form a network of individuals and organizations with aspirations, promote dialogues among various stakeholders on social issues, and work on collaborative projects that contribute to a betterment of our country and the world.


We provide training, facilitation, consulting, and other services to create a desired future, using "systems thinking" approach that looks at the holistic view, the big picture, and the fundamentals, and "learning organization" approach that continually develops and enhances the awareness and capabilities of individuals and organizations.

About Us

Our mission at Change Agents, Inc. is to help people and organizations create a desired future.

What is Systems

Systems thinking is a "new way of seeing " (Peter Senge) that complements and renews our conventional way of seeing things.

The conventional way of looking at things is characterized by seeing and dealing with snapshots of events, analyzing and categorizing based on “reductionism” thinking, and a tendency to view patterns and causality in a linear manner. However, these ways of seeing makes it difficult to continue to deliver results in today's increasingly complex and volatile organizational and social systems.

Systems Thinking intends to create more essential and sustainable results in complex systems by seeing dynamic patterns over time, the big picture including connections, and the fundamentals of our worldviews.

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